Forced Marriage in Other Jurisdictions


Over four videos made for the NCFM, Sara Malkani talks about marriage in Pakistan.

Sara Malkani talks about Marriage in Pakistan

- Laws are governed by religious based personal laws

- The majority of the population is Muslim

- Mainly governed by Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961

- Requirement of a Nikah

- Consent of both parties is needed

- Consent of a guardian is not required

Sara Malkani talks about the Age of Marriage in Pakistan

- 18 is the minimum age for boys/men and 16 for girls/women

- Province of Sindh, 18 is the minimum for all

- It is a crime to facilitate underage marriage

- Child marriage may still be valid if both parties have reached puberty
Sara Malkani talks about Terminating a Marriage in Pakistan

- A man can terminate a marriage by himself

- Notice must be given

- A 90 day period must elapse and may be reconciliation

- A woman can only terminate a marriage if this is previously ‘delegated’ or through family courts

Sara Malkani talks about Money and Finances in a Marriage in Pakistan

- A marriage condition is paying an amount to the wife

- If a woman terminates a marriage, she forgoes that amount or must return some

- A woman is entitled to maintenance based on the husband’s income

- If a marriage is terminated, a husband must support a wife for 3 months