Two accused in Canada ‘honour killing’ case face extradition


Two accused in Canada ‘honour killing’ case face extradition

This article originally appeared on 8 September 2017 on the BBC News website.


Malkit Kaur Sidhu and Subjit Singh Badesha (right photo) are accused of planning the attack on the young couple. Image: JUSTICEFORJASSI.COM

Canada’s Supreme Court has paved the way for the extradition of two Canadians facing charges related to their alleged role in an “honour killing”. 

Malkit Kaur Sidhu and Subjit Singh Badesha have been fighting extradition to India.

They are accused of orchestrating the murder in 2000 of Jaswinder “Jassi” Sidhu in Punjab.

The highest court has restored surrender orders for the two accused.

In 2014, Canada’s then federal justice minister ordered their surrenders after receiving assurances from India regarding their treatment if incarcerated.

In its unanimous decision released on Friday, Supreme Court set aside a 2016 British Columbia appellate court decision that struck down the orders over concerns the two could be subjected to violence, torture or neglect while incarcerated in India.

Mrs Sidhu, Jassi’s mother, and Mr Badesha, her uncle, deny any involvement in her death.

Both are elderly and have a number of health conditions.

The alleged murder of Jassi, a young Indian-Canadian woman, was over a clandestine marriage to a man her family considered unsuitable.

Sidhu secretly married Mithu Sidhu, a rickshaw driver, instead of the wealthy, older man her family reportedly preferred.

She fled to India to reunite with her husband a few months after her family learned of the marriage. Soon after, the couple were attacked while on a motor scooter.

Mithu was badly beaten while the body of Jassi, with her throat cut, was found in a ditch the next day.

Efforts to bring those behind Sidhu’s murder and Mithu’s assault to justice have been followed closely in North America and India for years.

Thirteen people, including Mr Badesha and Ms Sidhu, were charged in India in connection with the attacks. Three men in India were eventually given life sentences.

Mrs Sidhu and Mr Badesha – the two Canadians accused – were arrested in Canada in 2012 under the Extradition Act following an international investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and Indian authorities.

India wants them to stand trial on charges of conspiracy to commit murder.

In 2014, a British Columbia Supreme Court judge ordered they be extradited.

Government lawyers appealed to Canada’s top court after a surrender orders was struck down by a British Columbia appellate court.

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